High Rise

Over the years I've spent a lot of time walking the streets of London, mainly the south around Brixton where I live, so I've seen a lot of housing. I've always been interested in the architecture of the tower blocks and I love modernist architecture. As soon as I saw the tower blocks in Stockwell I've thought about doing a project about high rises in London. Now, years later I've finally got around to doing it and it feels timely given the housing problem we have in London. 

While all these tower blocks might not be ideal living spaces, they are vital source of affordable housing for a lot of people. And let's not forget there were attempts to provide alternatives, Rowley Way in Camden is a good example. Completed in 1978 and designed by Neave Brown, it's a crescent shaped street and looks fantastic to me. 

Erno Goldfinger's Trellick and Balfron towers have always been on my list, as have the tower blocks of Stockwell and Wandsworth. I've already taken the Stockwell and Wandsworth pictures, as you can see below. I took Trellick this weekend so they'll be up soon and I hope to find more so keep an eye on this gallery.

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