Dhaka | A Rickshaw Diary

While in Dhaka in 2015 I traveled around the city, predominately by rickshaw because it enabled me to see everything while traveling and is often the quickest way to travel because of traffic. It also handily enabled me to take pictures as my cousin showed me the sights, which is what this first set is all about.


Dhaka | A Bazaar Trip

One morning after breakfast I went along with my uncle to the local food market to pick up so vegetables. The market was in an area called Uttura, where my uncle lives, which is on the outskirts of Dhaka near the airport. 


Cox's Bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar is a town, a fishing port and district headquarters in Bangladesh. It is the world’s longest uninterrupted natural sandy sea beach. The beach in Cox’s Bazaar is an unbroken 125 km sandy sea beach with a gentle slope. It is located 150 km [≈ length of the Suez Canal] south of the industrial port Chittagong. Cox’s Bazaar is also known by the name Panowa, whose literal translation means “yellow flower.” Its other old name was “Palongkee”.